Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crunchy Little Farm

This summer has just been so busy, I haven't had time to blog.  (Blah blah blah, I know.)  I'm going to just start with this last week and work backwards and talk about all the fun and silly stuff we did.  I thought about starting with the beginning of summer but that just seemed daunting for some reason.

So, here's a quick little photo-fest from this week - I found a crunchy little organic farm that is right down the road from us.  Riverside Homestead Farm had blackberries, raspberries and assorted veggies in limited amounts, but just right for a day trip with my crew.  No crowds either. 

I had fun photographing all the flowers and bugs - the farm is also a wildlife refuge.   Love these morning glories that lined the berry picking area.

*Someone* was grumpy.  Can  you guess who?

I think he felt entitled to run the place after all the hard work of picking berries.

I took a few million more photos after we were done picking.

Can you spot the butterflies?  (Or maybe moths?)

How about a dragonfly?

After being miserable as a farmer, my hillbilly boy got happy when we started hiking the trail.

We were all excited to see that it led us right out to the Delaware River!

You can see Philadelphia in the background

The 'beach' was lined with cool pebbles and rocks - low tide so everything near the water was coated in mud.  Yucky.

Heading back toward the farm.

Came upon this 250 year old Elm tree and had to stop and admire it.  And pose.  And think about who lived here when it started growing.  Wow.

Um, mom, this nature stuff is nice and all, but I am ready to EAT.   Seriously. 

We headed out to Five Guys.  Of course.

But not before I took eleventy-billion more photos.  I cannot resist bugs.  I may be the only mom who actively goes TOWARD bees.  No zoom lens, just me in the lavender with the bees.  I just love bees.

This one was particularly cute.

Thank goodness, mom is done with the bees.  Headed out. 
We'll be back for sure though!