Thursday, November 4, 2010

Living With Mini Hoarders

Lately it has become even more challenging to find things in this house.  At first I thought it was me.  I thought, Maybe I just have too many things going on (duh) and my organizational skills are finally cracking.

I mean, I could not find our house phone for a full day - even though I could hear it ringing.  Admittedly, since I started selling for some friends on eBay, my dining room has gotten to be filled with rubbermaid containers full of clothes, shipping supplies and computer equipment.  So there is a bit of a mess going on.  But to be unable to find the PHONE?  Even when it was ringing??  That's bad.

Right when I was starting to feel the need to call Hoarders   I found this little pile of junk.  In a wagon.  Being pulled by my daughter.

Yes, you are seeing correctly.  Pieces of chocolate, some bread, a hairbrush, a calculator and who knows what else.  Being dragged through the house.   Ewwww. 

I think I have a mini hoarder on my hands.

Oh, and I finally found the phone.  It was in a box, inside ANOTHER box, and that box was full of toys, games, blocks and dolls.  I hate to think what this girl's room is going to look like when she is a teenager.