Sunday, April 22, 2012

Calling All Photography Junkies!

The last few months have flown by and I have so many blog posts in my head that I need to get down "on paper" - but just had to share this deal.  

I love photography - I am proud to be a MWAC (Mom With a Camera) and in my very limited spare time I keep working to get better at it so I can document the big (and small) moments in our lives.  I have found so much information at Clickin Moms - I actually just broke down and signed up for a lifetime membership. 

If you are a mom (or even if you are not) who is looking to improve on your photography skills, you have to check them out.  They have forums for editing, color management, photographing children, newborns, babies, pets, sports and more!   Until the end of this month, use coupon code FRIEND at checkout, they will get 10% off any standard subscription.  You can sign up for 6 months, a year or get crazy like me and do a lifetime membership.   This coupon is only good for new members.  Just click on the box below to get started - you will not regret it!

I'll be back soon with my thoughts on Autism Awareness Month and the ARI conference that is coming up next week.  My brain has been spinning!