Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am driving with my girl.  Just the two of us.  Doesn't happen that often, so we like to chat.

"I'm tired, do you think you can do some of the driving for me?"

"Mommmm.  I don't have my driver's license."

"You don't?  Why not?  You can reach the steering wheel, can't you?"

"Mommmm.  No, I can't.  My legs are not long enough."

"Why not?  Haven't you been eating your healthy food?  I thought you were growing."

"I do eat my healthy food.  But I'm only FOUR."

"Well, when do you think you are going to be able to help me out with some driving?"

"I don't know.  When I get my driver's license.  Like, when I'm five."

I love her.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to Crash a Casting Call in One Easy Lesson

So, we were at dance class the other day and one of the moms asks me, "What are you doing tomorrow."  This is the mom whose daughter has an agent.  Since she may pop up on the blog again, I think I have to give her a name. Let's call her Stage Mom. 

Stage Mom informs me that there is a casting call for Toys R Us coming up.  She is going, and she really thinks I should take my girl.  My girl is just as cute as the kids she has seen auditioning.  My girl is sure to get in and if they choose her, she will be in their files for the whole season.  My girl is dressed just right to get in, just put those clothes right back on her and drive her up there in the morning.  

"Is this an open casting call?"

Stage Mom replies, "I think so, just take her, if they ask about an agent, just tell them you heard from a friend.  We're going too.  I'm sure you don't need an agent." 


My girl wanted to go.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, she really loves this stuff.  I had nothing planned.  A special day together sounded good.  So we went.  Drove almost 2 hours to the audition.  Circled the block for parking.  Saw lots of kids going in and out.  And it was true, my girl was just as cute.  Maybe cuter.  But I am biased.

We went in.   Filled in the paperwork.  Left the spot for "agent" blank.  Got measured.  Watched a few kids getting called for pictures.  Watched the photographers at work.  (My favorite part.)

Then it was our turn.  "Ahem.  Excuse me.  I need the name of your agent." 

"Oh (smiling so big) ~ she doesn't have an agent.  My friend told me to bring her up, she is coming later."

And there it was.  The photographers assistant, her face, her mouth, turned down in a moue.  Despite the fact that this gives me the opportunity to use one of my all time favorite Scrabble words, I was mortified.  I am not the type of mom to barge in uninvited to anything.  I am not the type of mom who is so into this whole child modeling thing that I would crash a closed casting call.  But apparently, that is just what I did.   Harumpf.  "Well, we need a name, any agency, what is the name of your friend's agent?" 

Sigh.  Did I have any idea?  Nope.  I had to creep into a corner to make a call.  Stage Mom seemed pretty OK with the whole situation.  She told me the name of her agent.  She'd be there soon, but probably not til after we left.  Didn't sound mortified at all.  Then it hit me.  She KNEW.  She knew this was a casting call for kids with agents.  She KNEW we were going to crash it.  SHE KNEW!!!  And I should have known better because she IS the type of mom who would crash  a closed casting call.  What was I thinking? 

OK.  These thoughts went flying through my brain and then I had to get off the phone.  Because who really knows what I might have said at that point.  I gave the moue-faced assistant the name of the agent AND the name of my friend's daughter.  And they were gracious.  They still took her picture.  My girl got in front of the camera and she smiled.  And twirled.  And answered all the questions.  Yep, again, she loved it.  They said thank you and moved on to the next child.  My girl had no inkling of the drama that was swirling through my brain.  Thank goodness.  The assistant showed us the door (and then probably went and tossed our file into the trash).

 Stage Mom called me back in a panic 10 minutes later to see if I had given them her name.  I guess she realized that she might catch some heat for this.  I quite truthfully said no.  Because I gave them her daughter's name.  Bwhahaha. 

Would I do this again?  No way!  Was it worth the trip?  Probably not.  But did I enjoy spending the day with my girl?  Yep.  We went to the park, snuck some ice cream and had a fabulous conversation about when she is going to have her driver's license.  I'll save that one for another day. 

Oh, and the view was fantastic.