Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reading is Fundamental

My boys never loved to read. Or rather, they never really loved to read the way I wanted them to read. You know, sit on the couch, get out a story, snuggle with mom and READ. Nope. Library Time? Nope. Time for Twos, Time for Threes, Book Fair? Nope. They would pick out books like, "101 Knock Knock Jokes." Or "How to Draw Superman." My oldest son really had a great love for the Children's Encyclopedia, and marked each page that he read with a post it note. I think he filled the entire book with post-its - but to me it was just not the same.
Imagine my surprise when I finally got one who likes to READ. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I would have no readers - being all beaten down by the years of chasing people down and forcing them to sit and read with me - I never even tried with this girl of mine. And then one day, I found her curled up on the couch, "reading" to some dolls. What? What?? Could it be???
My girl LOVES to read. Snuggles on the couch, looks at all the pictures, "reads" the whole story - and lets me read it to her!

Sometimes she is a little over ambitious with the titles she selects. She gets that from her mom.

Eventually though, she hunkers down with something age appropriate and starts telling a story.

And guess what? I think her love of books is starting to be contagious. I couldn't be more thrilled. You go girl!

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