Monday, September 20, 2010


The alternate title to this blog post is "My Mid Life Crisis" so if you want to back away slowly, I will understand.

When did this happen?  I have been laying awake at night and wondering.

I have packed our days full of family activities, I have homeschooled part of the time, I have been an at home mom for most of my kids' lives, so I KNOW I was there when it happened, but I still don't know why I look at my three boys and see this:

I am expecting to see this.

Or maybe this

The realization that my BABY BOY is nine years old hit me like a ton of bricks the other day.  NINE years old? 

I was JUST nine years old yesterday.  Or last week.  I remember it clearly.  We moved.  I broke my arm.  It was a busy year and I was almost an adult (in my mind anyway) and there is no WAY my baby is nine.  THIS is what nine looks like.

Errrr, well, for some people nine looks better than that, but give me a break, it was the 70's.  But back to my point.  My baby can't be NINE and my oldest son CANNOT be going to high school.  CANNOT.  Nevermind that he just DID.

Thank goodness I still have my baby at home, and one more homeschooling (and I will not discuss the fact that my middle son is 12 and his feet are bigger than mine and he'll be taller than me, probably next Saturday around 4 pm).  I'll just say that you might want to keep these two in  your thoughts and prayers, as they are now spending way too much time with a mom in crisis.  Mid life crisis.  Lots of comments about how big they are getting, how they will always be my babies and I'll probably be kissing them a little too much.

Maybe I should just buy a sports car.


  1. Awww Wendy. I'm a total mess lately and you're making me cry.

    Every minute goes to fast, really... and every minute goes faster. Hugs. Your children are so beautiful.

  2. Thanks Molly and right back atcha. Your blog knocked me right on my rear today. Must be the time of year for deep thoughts.

  3. Oh my gosh, but I hear you! My 8-year-old, as of today, is as tall as her 12-year-old brother. They're breaking even. How oh how do these kids get to be so darn big?