Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day in the Life

We are occasionally asked if Miss M is going to school this year.   People wonder if she is going to preschool somewhere, or is she ready for kindergarten (Silly, she is only three!) and the invariable question, "Are you homeschooling her?"  I am here to tell you today, this girl of mine is MUCH too busy for school.  

First of all, she has to take care of the garden. 

Are we the only ones who had TONS of green tomatoes this year?  I think we had ONE red one all season.

After the garden, we have to get our exercise.  A walk through the woods is just the ticket.

There are some animals on that log behind her - nature girl had to take the time to identify them

With 100% certainty, she says they are CATS.  Obviously.

No mom, they are NOT turtles.  CATS.  I'm tellin' ya!

Time to check the swings at the park and make sure they are in working order.

This one seems safe.

Best part of the job - swinging really super high!

One more push??

C'mon mom, you know you want to ...

We have to check on the ducks on the way home.

And make sure we put the babies to bed for their naps.

Quick dip in the pool.  Checking the temperature.

WAY too cold.  Unacceptable!

And finally - the girl has to taste test the gluten free cake and chocolate frosting.  Its a rough job but someone has to do it. 

All of this before 4 pm.

 Is it any wonder she has no time for preschool?

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