Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17th

Here we are with another big update since the months of May, June and half of July have flown by.  I've been working on my 365 project and saving up the photos but just too busy to post here.

The months have been filled with end of school year activities, a recital, tennis banquet, gymnastic classes, doctors appointments, trips to the beach, pool and theme parks.  Here are the photos from the 365 project, officially bringing us up to day 198 today.  And I am not going to promise to post more since that doesn't seem to work out.  But I'll be back eventually, lol.  

Starting out with the super moon!  And some pictures in the park:

Then we had trips to Great Adventure, Fernbrook Farms, Sesame Place (fireworks!) and a really cute princess themed party.

Here we have recital pictures, last day of 6th grade for Mr. O, more farm, Sesame Place and there's Mr. O's new socks!

Dancing in the rain, the Safari at Great Adventure, more from the farm and a rare shot of me reading by the pool.  Sitting in a chair and relaxing?  What is that?  And the last one is the professor with a Horseshoe crab he caught at the Jersey Shore.

Ahhh, summer - another princess party, more farm, photos from a visit with another mama photographer, our Pop Chef watermelon, The Go-Go's concert (!) and my favorite new recipe for chicken.  Oh, and my favorite snail.

We got a new hammock, went to the beach again, had a sad face for the last day of school and hey, look a that cute dog!  I got to photograph dogs for the Animal Orphanage of Voorhees - if you need a pet, check them out, they have awesome dogs and cats available!

And then we spent a lot of time in the pool and more time at the beach and hubby's company had an event to see Kid Rock and we were in the front row! Eeeep.

So there's the 365 update and the next thing I have to discuss is my new "baby."  Yes, I have a new baby, a photography website and hopefully a small business at some point.  

For now I am just building my portfolio and practicing, studying and learning about what I need to be legitimate.  Things like tax number i.d.'s and business licensing, insurance and networking - not sure if I will ever be ready for all of that.  

So for now I have the website and the bulk of my photography posting will eventually migrate over there.  I'll be finishing my 365 here and on Facebook, and saving this blog for talking about the family, kids fashion,  autism, clean eating and all the other things that float through my brain.

If you have the time, check out my new website:

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