Monday, May 20, 2013

Big Time Flake Out

Yes, I know.  I flaked out.  I have been taking photos but nothing is getting posted here.  Shhhh, it is ok.  I am going to just post some collages from my 365 project and call it a day, ok?  I decided on collages because I am almost exactly 2 months behind and I know you don't want to scroll through 60 full size photos, right?  
I know I'm right.  

The last few months have been a blur, starting with strep throat, continuing on through spring break, my first photography "job", my cousin's wedding, tennis season, a class trip, an autism walk and finally some really bad allergies.  Lots of really great stuff, some not so great stuff, and one brand new baby that I am hoping to spoil terribly.  And no, not MY brand new baby, phew.

I do have a new baby though, sort of.  I'll post about that next time.  Because catching up on two months of photos is enough for one day.  For now, here are my photo project collages.  And we'll just say I am all caught up and starting with day 140 tomorrow, ok? 


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