Thursday, March 21, 2013

365 ~ 71 to 77

Another round of catch up photos for my 365 project.  I've been so busy and getting lots of things done around here, but never the things I am *supposed* to get done.  This last week I got to do a maternity shoot and take photos for my daughter's yearbook collages.  Great experience and so much fun for me!   It is amazing to go into the school and have random kids hug you - and I felt a bit like the Pied Piper because they all followed me around when they saw the camera.  Quite a change from my own kids who like to hide when they see my Nikon.

Now let's see the photos.  Day 71 ~ Messy.  Perfect theme for me this week since we are putting away some winter clothes, pulling out some spring clothes, and as I mentioned a second ago, I'm not doing much of what I am *supposed to* do, which translates into a messy house.  Here's a pile that is headed for the ebay bin.  And yes, it is still there, a week later.

Day 72 ~ Branches
This one was easy, sunrise over the lake always features a lot of branches.

Day 73 ~ Field of Green

Here's a "field" of green from my maternity shoot.

Day 74 ~ Green

Not a lot of springtime around her (yet) but the onion grass is coming up. 

Day 75 ~ Wearing of the Green
The green thing was getting old, so I went off theme and I am going to share more from my maternity shoot.  Because my model was so cute. 

Day 76 ~ Spots
How about bubbles instead?

Day 77~ Play a Game
Same bubbles, but playing a game with the dog this time.  I think the dog won, she popped them all!

Day 78 ~ Plant Something
Too early to plant anything here, but my magnolia tree is starting to show some buds.  Yay.


And finally - March 21st - day 79 ~ Hiding

Once more, going back to the maternity shoot, since that little baby is "hiding" in there.  We all can't wait to meet her.  I love the look on dad's face here - I think he is excited to meet his baby girl too, ya think?  These guys are just way too cute.

The next few themes will be nurture, texture, a landmark and a pine cone.   A pine cone?  Really?   

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