Thursday, March 7, 2013

365 Days 57 to 65

Happy March everyone!  The days are getting longer and spring is on the way, but here it has been as cold as ever.  My mind knows that it really doesn't start to get warm until mid April, but something about flipping that calendar over to March makes me hopeful.

Once again, posting a lot of photos from my 365 project, seems I can get in the photos each day but the time to post them is harder to manage. 

355 ~ 57 ~ Essential Equipment

All the essentials for gluten free Chicken Francaise.  Seems like one of my biggest jobs around here is keeping the people fed, so this is about as essential as it gets.  I was shooting late at night, low light and all that jazz.

365 ~ 58 ~ Up Close and Personal

We were a little too cranky to get up close and personal that day, but here's a quick snap of my girl on her way to school for "dress like your favorite Disney character day" at school.  She chose Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  After 2 days with a stomach virus, I was just glad she could go to school. Not my best work, lol. I think the camera was on auto.  D'oh.

365 ~ 59 ~ Sweet Rest

Seems like the only one resting around here is the cat.  Hiding out in the play kitchen.  He looks good in black and white, doesn't he?

365 ~ 60 ~ Whimsical

Spent some time at the Garden State Discovery Museum and it was definitely whimsical.  Proud to say that Mr. O was the only kid I saw who managed to get the bubble entirely over his head. 
Hint - you have to pull it up really fast. 

And I got a little whimsical myself.

365 ~ 61 ~ Upside Down. 

Yeah, I skipped that theme.  Instead, here's my beautiful niece. 

365 ~ 62 ~ Two

No living creatures wanted to cooperate for this one, so here's what I was left with.

365 ~ 63 ~ Lucky

Well, I skipped that theme too.  And again, very little cooperation and lots of yucky weather so here's the girl eating a chicken wing after school. I was happy that she fit into this outfit one last time, one of my all time favorites from Gap. 

365 ~ 64 ~ Full Speed

It was a cold and rainy day.  Nor'easter blew through our neck of the woods.  Nothing was moving at full speed except the wind, and every time I tried to take a shot of the trees blowing, I got wet.  So instead, here's a shot of the rain on my car windshield.  I enjoyed editing this one.

And finally, today.  March 7th.  Day 65


I kept my camera around my neck for our entire morning routine.  Here's an idea of how it goes.

My 14 year old is already gone, kitchen is empty.  Weather channel on, coffee brewing, backpacks and lunchboxes on the table waiting to be packed.  Nice light coming in through the back door.

16 year old is always happy to be up early.

And hamming it up - showing disappointment that there was no snow last night.  We were all really hoping for one snow day this year.

Mr. O. takes his vitamins.  This kid is amazing, he swallows down all of that nasty stuff every day.  I know he knows it makes him feel better.  

After the boys leave for school, the girl wakes up.  Here she is chasing the dog around the kitchen.  Try not to look at the wires all over my kitchen counter.  It has become our family charging station, even though I bought a charging station and put it in the family room. (sigh)

And then she hid under the table to get away from my camera.  Too bad,  I got her anyway.

That is the end of my big catch up post.  Tomorrow the theme is "a hobby."  And Saturday it is "ME."   Let's see if I can get better at posting, at least every other day instead of every other week. 

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  1. Great pictures!! I love the commentary on them too :)