Tuesday, February 26, 2013

365 ~ 47 to 56

Lots and lots of pictures to post! 

365 #47 ~ Color in the Garden

Not bad for February in New Jersey

#48 Favorite Snack

My girl likes to steal the coffee creamer and eat it with a spoon.

Or drink it.

#49  Tree

#50  Look up

I looked up and saw the moon.

#51 Performance

My girl on the Toddlewood red carpet, getting ready for the Oscars pre-show!

We had a great time, Inside Edition was there filming (show has not aired yet, we are waiting!) and there were all kinds of fabulous children there, dressed to the nines!   Plus a special unveiling of Tricia's Academy Award posters. Amazing!  You can see some of her work here.

There was some mayhem too.  LOL.  I love the candid expressions I caught here.

OK, enough about that.  On to #52 ~ Sweet Treats

Someone found the last of our anniversary cake!

#53 ~ Framed

Empire State Building framed by trees

While I'm at it, a few more shots from our recent trips to the city.  I love New York.

Windy walk ~ Highline Park

Our good friends, on the way to American Girl store.

Happy girls:

Happy mamas:

#54 ~ Love of Art

This was supposed to be "love of music" but I could not resist the artwork here.  And I am still kind of shocked that I let her get an American Girl doll.  I must be crazy.

#55 ~ Cup of ....

Everyone who knows me knows that the only answer is COFFEE.  Preferably organic Mexican blend from Whole Foods with plain soy creamer. 

And finally ~ #56 ~ From the Side

Mr. O had a successful visit to the dentist and showed off his sparkly, clean teeth.  He is lit from the side.  And if you are wondering, he did have one cavity, but we still consider it a successful trip because he sat for X-Rays and the dentist thinks they can fill it without putting him under.  For this kid with autism, that is a big step forward. 

Yay Mr. O!!  Handsome devil!

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