Saturday, February 16, 2013

~ The more we live, the more beautiful we are. ~

365 ~ 41 through 46

This has been a week of ups and downs, lots going on as usual.  Typical for winter, we have been taking turns having a cold (my turn today) and saw snow, saw it melt, saw a little more snow and today we are watching it melt again. 

Day 41, was still had lots of snow and we got to go out and make a snowman.  And Mr. O actually got along with his oldest brother for a bit, which was a surprise for all of us.  The theme was supposed to be "in the garage" but if you could see the state of my garage, you would understand why snow pictures were a better idea.

Day 41 was supposed to be "entertain" but c'mon. On a Monday?  Instead you get some crayons.  I liked the colors and really didn't get to take any other photos on Monday.  I'll get back to "entertain" another time.  Okay?

Tuesday the theme was "celebrate" and again, we are going to have to come back to that one.  Instead you get some dance  pictures.  Working with low light, but these little dancers are very cute.  They are going to be dancing to the Coca Cola song in their recital and I can't wait.

Wednesday came and I am sad to say that for the first time since starting this project,  I didn't take one picture all day.  BUT, I finally have a "texture" photo for you since I missed that one a few weeks ago.  We can pretend I took this one on Wednesday instead of Sunday.  Our beach grass in the winter.  (Day 44)

Day 45, the theme was LOVE.  I'm going to save that one for day 46, and instead you get some photos from our trip to Philadelphia.  We went to the Academy of Natural Science and saw the butterflies and some dinosaurs and ran around the city a little bit.  I can't pick just one, here are a few.

Finally we come to Friday, day 46.  Stealing Thursday's "love" theme since it was our 21st wedding anniversary.   Here we are, ready to go out and celebrate.  Hubby's idea to hold up fingers to make the number 21.

And then there was the cake.  Someone had a hard time waiting.

This week, I also learned of the passing of a good friend.  It was not expected and she was really too young to die.  She taught everyone  around her that "the more we live, the more beautiful we are."  She was a fellow photography mom, with a beautiful blog about her adventures.  I don't know many suburban moms with the spunk to take three kids on a trip to Africa, or to pick up and move the entire family to Hawaii to live out a dream.  But she had that spunk, she really reached out and grabbed life while she could and she never let little details hold her back from doing amazing things. 

I think her message was beautiful and I will continue to do my best to remember it.  Remember not to look at my wrinkles and age spots and grey hairs, but to instead,  think of how beautiful it is to be alive.  Thank you Holly, my beautiful, gracious friend, for all of your photography advice, your kind and encouaging words, and your fantastic example of how to live a fearless, fabulous life.  You will be missed.

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