Saturday, February 9, 2013

365 / 35-38 What a Week!

Things here have been busy in a way that is only possible when you have a kid with autism.  Plus three other kids with lives that don't stop.  But I have been making sure to get in at least one picture each day. 

This week I had one call from the school nurse, two kids home from school on different days, about ten extra loads of laundry because someone keeps overflowing the tub, pouring lotion in random places and changing clothes a few extra times a day.  On top of our normal activities, this week there was a doctor's appointment, a school art show and finally, on friday, I spent the day at my daughter's school playing photographer for the yearbook.  Oh, and then we had a snowstorm last night.  Is it wrong that I am just filled with relief to have a day to stay home?

Monday's theme (#35) was "Beat" and that is just how my girl felt after gymnastics that night.  I know this has a blue cast to it, but that is because the only light in the room was the glow from the TV.  Loving the low light capabilities of my new camera, have I said that before?  This has almost no editing, just a little crop and sharpening for the web - I can't believe I didn't have to lighten the exposure at all. 

Tuesday's theme (#36) was "Nap."  There was no napping that day.  Since Mr. O came home with tummy trouble on Monday, he could not go back to school on Tuesday.  Even though he was fine.  Even though I knew his tummy trouble came from eating something he shouldn't have.  Even though I had a boatload of errands to run.  Sigh.

So, he came with me to the store.  The Dollar Store.  The grocery store.  Staples.  The drug store.  And then, because I am a glutton for punishment, we stopped at Goodwill too.  Since he loves to shop, I was glad to take him.  It is always a treat to wind through a store, holding tightly to your 11 year old as he points to people and asks "Man or woman?  Long hair or short hair?"  Bonus if we run into a man with long hair, which will usually cause him to say, "MAN!  MAN!  Man with LONG HAIR!  He needs a haircut!!  Ewwwww (insert gagging sound) the man needs a haircut!!"   Most people are nice about it. Some are puzzled.  One man we met at Goodwill thought it would be fine to give Mr. O permission to rub his head and actually got mad at ME when I told him no.  Just trying to teach my kid some boundaries, call me crazy.  But I digress. 

After all of those errands, it was dance night, topped off with my girl's school art show.  So, yeah, no nap.

Instead you get a shot of beautiful Kindergarten artwork, and another low light shot in the snow.

Wednesday, I rejoiced at the thought of a kid free day to work.  Alas, not to be.  My girl woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose.  Wednesday's theme (#37) was backlit.  Instead you are getting a shot of my girl having a little fun with oranges. 

Thursday, everyone went to school.  Can I get a "what what"?  I didn't get too excited though, since my girl had a half day and after school we had our monthly visit with our crunchy doctor. I do love the crunchy doctor, he has been helping us a lot, but with the two hour round trip drive and the inevitable one hour wait, it takes a lot of time and since insurance doesn't cover most of it, puts a hurt on my wallet too.  Ouch. 

The photo theme was "Use Your Senses" and while I am sure that I did use my senses all day long, I don't have any photo evidence.  Here's what you get instead.  Day 38, just to remind myself that even though he drives me bonkers, even though his treatments are breaking the bank, even though he overflows the tub, smears lotion on the floor and occasionally pulls his pants down on the bus, he is pretty awesome. 

I think I am going to stop there and do another post for Friday since this one is getting long.   Betcha can't wait.

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