Monday, February 4, 2013

365 / 33 & 34

Posting after the weekend.  For a change, it seemed like I got done with almost everything on my list.  Not the laundry of course, but I am never done with that! 

Day 33, the theme was supposed to be "shadow" but that didn't work out for me.  Even the groundhog didn't see his shadow this year.  Supposedly that means we'll have an early spring, but I think it may just mean the opposite since Phil is only right 39% of the time.    Anyway, no shadow for Phil, no shadow for me, instead you get this shot of my girl singing karaoke.  Great opportunity for me to try out the higher ISO's on my new camera, and to practice more with custom white balance, because it was pretty dark, the only light was casting a really yellowish tone and on top of that I had to try really hard to concentrate since there was such an awesome concert going on in front of me.  I was pretty happy to get this shot:

Then Sunday's theme (Day 34) was "Pop of Red."   I will admit that I wasn't thinking about the theme at all.  I took pictures all day though, because we had friends visiting from Nicaragua, more friends over for a pre-Superbowl party and even some light snow, which brought out the birds.  So, a few I liked that had a "pop of red."

Today's theme is "beat."  As in, "I'm beat"?  Or maybe "Beat the drum slowly"?  Or maybe, "The kids beat me to all the leftover Superbowl food"?  I guess I get to choose.  We'll see what happens around here!

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