Saturday, February 9, 2013

365 / 39 & 40

Friday's theme (#39) was "More than One."  This was actually a perfect theme for the day, since I was spending most of my time being the "yearbook photographer" at my daughter's school.  Not the guy who lines up the classes and takes everyone's individual photos.  I'm sure they have someone with a fancy tripod for that job.  I was there to photograph candid shots of the specials (gym, music, art) and also during a fun event called "Brain Day." 

I didn't know what to expect.  I haven't had a child in elementary school for the longest time.  I don't know any of the other kindergarten moms.  I don't know many of the teachers or the support staff.  I am not actually a photographer.  AND I know that my own kids run and hide whenever they see a camera.  So, I was a bit nervous.  I grabbed my camera, my white card, my comfy boots and off I went. 

First step, check in.  I am thankful for a school with a very high level of security.   I wait in the vestibule while they check my license, take my photo and issue me a pass that has a barcode and disintegrates after 5 hours.  Only with this barcode can I come inside.  And then I'm in.  What to do?  First stop, my daughter's classroom since the teacher knows I am coming.  I get to visit until the Brain Day assembly starts. 

Here's my first surprise, the kids see the camera and they WANT their pictures taken.  What?  Even my daughter, who later whispers to me that she is just pretending to like it so that her friends don't know how she acts at home.  I'll take it.

Brain Day was so fun.  It was a crazy game show where kids compete to win 50 cent ribbons and the best part was that they had to dance after each question to keep their points.  Hilarious.  Working for the yearbook, I had full reign to take photos of any student.  But since that permission does not apply to using their photos for anything else, I am only going to share this one shot of the back of everyone's head:

I did get a lot of great shots, and no surprise, I spent more time with the special needs classes than the other kids.  What can I say, they were the cutest!  My girl had a great time too:

One thing that struck me as I walked through the school, was how many classrooms had signs outside their doors.   Peanut allergy.  Shellfish allergy.  Strawberry allergy.  Spinach allergy.  Dairy, soy, corn, tree nuts.  I don't remember a single kid who was allergic to food when I was growing up.  And I remember knowing ONE kid who was allergic to peanuts when my boys were in kindergarten.  When I sent my kids to school and asked the teachers not to feed them anything with refined sugars or dyes, they looked at me like I had two heads.  Not anymore.  What is going on?  I have my ideas, but it is really just crazy when you see the signs hanging all over the school.  And see that the special ed classes take up the entire first row of every section of the auditorium.  I know my daughter's class has a child allergic to nuts and strawberries.  I knew which kid it was when I walked into the class.  Hyper.  Eczema so bad it was bleeding.  What are we doing to our kids to have them all so sick?  Harumpf.

To quote Mr. O when he wants to change the subject, "Let's talk abut home."  I won't put my hands over my ears and scream, but I do think that has a special kind of charm when he does it.

After my busy Friday, we had a lovely snowstorm.  Lovely because everything that was scheduled for Saturday got cancelled.  End result, I get to stay home in my sweatpants and drink coffee, work on eBay and eventually clean up my house.  And my oldest got to go out and make some money.  This kid is definitely my ambitious one, I hope he plans to support us when we are old. 

Today's them (#40) was "Through the Looking Glass."  I should have done something fun with mirrors, but I am just hanging out in my comfy clothes and no way I want to look in the mirror.  So instead (I am saying that a lot lately, "instead.") you get this picture of the dog, looking in through the glass.  Does that count as "looking glass" ??  Close enough for me.  And then a few shots of the snow.  I should really take the kids out for some sledding, but my coffee is so nice and warm and I have this little personal space heater right next to the computer desk and I don't want to get dressed in snow clothes and ... and .. and ...

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