Friday, February 1, 2013

A Week in Review 365/26-32

Wow, I haven't posted all week!  It has been crazy busy here but I have been using my camera, learning new things and taking some shots each day. 

365/26 & 27 ~ It was finally cold enough for long enough that the lake froze enough to walk on it. I threw out themes a lot this week because they just weren't working for me. Instead of "Passion" and "Dislike" for this weekend, you get icy cold goodness.

This lake used to be a little retreat for Philly folks to visit in the summer, and many of the houses on the other side were summer cottages at one time.  I love how this next picture looks a bit like an old, slightly yellowed postcard:

The moon was really amazing too.


Monday I got out my gray card and worked on custom white balance.  I knew how to do this with the old camera, it was time to learn it on the new one.  Horrid lighting at gymnastics looks so much better using custom white balance!  Not a lot of room to compose a shot, but I was just practicing.

Home from gymnastics, more custom white balance, and this is also a window into dinner time at our house. Is it ready yet?

Is it ready yet?

Is it ready YET???

If you aren't going to give me any, I will just warm my hands over the wok.


Tuesday at home.  Goes something like this. 

Yes, I am in the box.  What? 
What are you looking at?

I see the cat - he is in the box.  Hey cat!  I see you!  Wanna play chase?

No.  I do NOT want to play chase.  I am in the box.  Go away dummy.

Hey cat?  I saw you move a little.  Does that mean you want to play chase?  You sure?  

They sit and stare at each other for hours. As soon as the cat jumps out of the box, all bets are off and there is a wild chase scene in my kitchen.

Outside, more animal antics.  Some birds:


And a contortionist squirrel:

And now that the cat is out of the box, the dog is dreaming of chasing the squirrels instead:

365/30  "A Faceless Portrait" 

I tried the theme for this one.  Mr. O and his newest obsession, squeezing water bottles.  ALL DAY LONG.  The noise is ungodly.

At the end of one day we have so many half empty, squeezed to death bottles all over the house.  In case you ever think things are normal around here, just imagine how many of these we have at the end of the week.  And that is just one tiny tip of our iceberg.  You really have no idea.

  But that is a post for another day:

Here's another faceless portrait that was not really planned.  Also, check out the pajamas - big news in her world was that she got to wear pajamas to school because the kids reached their goal of donating 1,000 cans to the local food bank.  Isn't that fun?


There's a cat in the tree.  Do you see him?  And yes, the dog had something to do with this.

Here it is cropped a bit.  Silly cat.

And finally, 365/32

This field was just full of crows.  I had to pull the car over to take a picture.  By the time I got the camera out, there was only one in the air, but I still like the way this came out. 

Phew, I made it through my first month of this project!  February has begun.  Tomorrow's theme is "a shadow" and we'll see if I can manage that or maybe I'll start throwing out the theme more often.

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