Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Snow

One of the things we have been busy with this week - cleaning up our deck to be ready for the snow. I have to admit, I procrastinate on this job every year. I just really hate the way the deck looks when everything is tarped up. The deck looks so nice in the summer. Nothing fancy, just somewhere for the kids to play.
And our cabana for quick changes after swimming.

A place to eat watermelon. Hubby's bar. Green leaves ... whimper ... summer .. how I love ya.

But the time had come. With a forecast of 12-20 inches of snow, I could not put it off anymore. Umbrella had to be put away, bar tarped up, cabana cover taken off, everything piled into the cabana frame and then time to tarp that up with the biggest, most annoying, get yourself tangled in it tarp you ever saw. But I had some helpers.

Occasionally one of my helpers actually looks at the camera and smiles.

Here's the cabana now. Depressing, right? You can see why I leave this job to the very last minute, right? Bleh.

But the weatherman was right. We are getting walloped!! The boys went out in the storm and had a great time. Even tho they had snow coming off their eyelashes when they came in.

This middle one is smart, he wore his hood.

And here's a beautiful sight. No, I don't mean the lights on my neighbor's house. I mean the fact that my oldest son is about to start shoveling. Gotta love having big kids!

Last but not least, look who else loved the snow. She lasted all of 10 minutes out there, but that was fine with me. We'll get back out there when the storm is over, no need to get snow in our eyelashes, thank you very much.

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