Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Doctors appointments and haircuts for the boys yesterday. Torture. Not just for me. Someone does not do well with waiting. Someone finds the ear-checker-thingama-bob to be really tickly. Someone had to be held down in a crazy wrestling hold in order to finish his checkup. Someone really really really wanted a lollipop at the haircut place and his mean mother wouldn't let him have it.
Someone is still mad about the lollipop. And not too happy about waiting his turn. And check out his cute sister in her cute pony-tails. She didn't get a haircut. Well, ok, she did get a haircut. Sorta. Keep reading.

Someone was really happy to dump mom and get back to school. Looking pretty sharp with his new haircut, I might add. "Bye mom. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out." Yeah, I get the drift.

Someone apparently felt left out that she missed getting a haircut at Fantastic Sams and decided to give herself a haircut later that night. Rest in Peace, pony-tails, so glad I snapped that one last picture of you. Welcome to our circus, you sweet, sweet MULLET. You are just the thing to round out my girl's style - we like to call it hillbilly chic. Now I just have to find some too short pants, a stained up t-shirt that says Billy Ray on the front, and make sure my girl smiles and shows her missing bottom tooth. Yeah, she knocked that out a few months ago. She is rockin the hillbilly look.

Hair grows, right? Right?
Thank goodness for Posh Petals. Just the thing for disguising self inflicted mullets.

At least until it grows out enough so we can get a cute haircut. A SHORT haircut. A really really really short haircut. Pure torture.


  1. I AM sort of laughing at the mullet thing. And I love how you have a label attached to this post that syas MULLET too LOL!

    I think you did a FAB job w/ the flower tho.. will she keep it in?

  2. She does keep the flowers in, so that is one good thing. And LOL, I wanted to see what ads Google would put on here if I labeled it mullet, and sure enough there is one that says, "Awesome Mullet Tees" at I may need to get one for her, LOL.

  3. Very cute and funny, Wendy!! Marielle is a rip. This too will pass and will provide endless laughter in years to come. The flower looks great.

  4. Oh I am so sorry about her hair. Been there and done that. Shelby's hair is FINALLY growing back.