Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Furniture Shopping

Just a quick post because this week has been super busy. I've been spending crazy amounts of time furniture shopping. Our family room has been in terrible need of new couches. Four messy kids + pretty cotton couches x 3 years = disaster. So new couches are on the list, along with some new shelves to accommodate our growing supply of books for homeschooling. Saw these pretty little shelves and the librarian inside of me started lusting after them but they are out of our budget. I may try to replicate this look with the cheapie Target shelves that I am settling for.
The Diva helped with trying out some sectionals.

Hmmm ... red leather ?? Naaah.

The guys helped too. Check out that big red sale sign! Macy's Friends and Family Sale!! Love a good sale!

I guess they considered us Family - I mean, why else would they have let the kids roll around the store on a furniture cart? Errr, well, maybe it was because riding on the cart was the only way to lower the volume on my crew? I think some of the Macy's staff had a headache by the time we were done with them.

Proud mommy alert. Look at my girl, she is not even afraid of Swine Flu. And yeah, I know. Ewwwwww.

At the end of a long search, here's what we got. This leather sectional in brown. Hubby really liked the "Terra Cotta" color but I pointed out that Terra Cotta is actually a super secret code name for ORANGE. And as much as I love orange right now, in 7 years the color may not be quite as popular. Going for the classic color instead of the trendy. And fooling myself into thinking that this sectional might actually last 7 years. Now THAT is the funniest thing I have posted in a long time.


  1. Love your choice in the sectional! I had to lol at your little furniture tester. I had three little testers of my own when I bought furniture about two years ago and I know the sales people were glad to see the back of us.

  2. Love the sectional! Great choice!

  3. cant wait to try out that couch!