Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here We Go!

Yep, here we go! People have been telling me to start blogging for years now, but I have always been afraid of having one of those boring blogs. You know the ones. Blah blah blah, me, me, me, my kids, blah blah blah . . . the ones that make you want to tear your eyes out and throw your computer in the lake. So yeah, I am scared of being one of THOSE blogs, but my friends have reminded me that with the people who live under this roof, it is not likely to happen. Let's hope.

If you do find yourself bored reading, if you start to yawn, stare off into space, crack your knuckles or start humming Yankee Doodle and wishing you were somewhere else, please let me know. Let's have a safe word - maybe PINTO BEANS or something - and just work it into your comments when you reply. "Hey, Wen, GREAT blog, love the pictures. I was eating ice cream while reading, and was sad that we were out of my favorite topping, PINTO BEANS." I know you all are very intelligent and can work that into your conversations somehow, right?

So let's get this started with some introductions! My name is Wendy and I am married to Scott. We have four VERY interesting kids who entertain us regularly. The older two boys are homeschooling (for now) and our youngest son goes to a special school for autism. Yep, he has autism. Our youngest is a girl and I know you all are thinking, "Awwww, sweet little girl after three boys." Well, don't be fooled. She is the wildest of them all! Let's meet the circus crew:

Here's our professor, also known as the Tight Rope Artist. He is 13 and has a great love for the Science Channel, Stephen Hawking, String Theory and Bakugan. Always the first to climb a tree, balance across a log or build a new fort - he is the leader of half the neighborhood.

This is our clown. He is 8 years old and he has autism. Even tho he didn't talk til he was 4, he now knows how to get his point across VERY well. Smart as a whip, strong as an ox, and fully aware of his own comic timing, The Big O is a practical joker extraordinaire. And he has a pretty good handshake too!

No circus is ever complete without the acrobats! This is our gymnast, he can flip and spring and cartwheel with the best of them. Currently a tween, ALWAYS a ladies man, obsessed with phones and teeth. Yep, teeth.

And finally - our tiny Ringmaster. Also known as The Drama Queen, The Pink Caboose, Miss Moosie or just Moo for short. Only 2 years old but she'll say she is 14 if you ask. She has all the men in the house wrapped around her little finger, but I have to say she is equally crazy about them. This girl has a lot to say.

I know this post was not all that interesting and honestly, I can't figure out why there are so many big spaces in between the pictures - please, no PINTO BEANS just yet, I am just getting started! I am sure that the next post will be chock full of good stuff. Or maybe just chock full o' nuts. Thanks for reading!


  1. LOL Wendy. Very cute! No PINTO BEANS from me. OH ..wait I just said it...but no it doesn't mean what it's supposed to mean. I loved your first entry!

  2. AS always you are one of my favorite writers. I look forward to more more more from the circus!!

  3. LMBO that you have given us a safe word..

    Love your post.

  4. Im so excited to start reading this as you continue to update! Always love hearing the crazy circus stories. Love Love! <3

  5. Love the blog! Very entertaining!

  6. I've been such a good influence on Sammy - he does love phones and teeth! ;)