Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sugar & Spice, Everything Nice

We had a great visit with family this weekend. My brother came and brought along his two sweet girls. My little diva was in girl heaven. For a few days, this place was all sugar and spice and everything nice. Generally, things around here are pretty boy oriented, and on top of that, everyone is way older than she is. So having her cousins to play with was a treat. And these three girls (age 1, 2 and 3) kept us all pretty entertained too! Here's the one picture I got of all three girls together. Look at all that pink!
I had to really work to make my youngest niece like me. Maybe because I kept doing stuff like putting bows in her hair and popping flower hats on her head.
But with a little bribery, she finally came around.

See! She likes me! She really likes me!

These girls are as different as can be from one another, as can be seen in their swinging styles. My three year old niece is the fearless one.

The one year old is the pensive one. She is thinking some deep thoughts, don't you think?

And my little diva? She is just generally concerned. And occasionally disgruntled.

But, with all their differences, the girls got along great. Had loads of fun feeding the ducks and playing in the sandbox together. There was no pushing or shoving - OK, there was occasionally some yelling, but that was my girl screaming for her cousins to "COME ON!!" so I am going to just pretend it never happened. I mean, c'mon, you don't expect me to admit that my sweet princess is a bossy loudmouth, do you?

The girls also worked together to make sure they were NEVER in the same frame at any given time. I know they plotted and planned this, because let me tell you, I tried all weekend for a group picture. Nope. I snuck in that one at the top with my zoom lens, and as soon as they saw me taking pictures they scattered like paper dolls in the wind. Sneaky little things. But they sure are cute....

Sometimes I could get TWO of them at the same time....

Especially if I distracted them with the trampoline.....

Or a rocking horse lion thingy. Bongo band on the side.

I'm so glad my diva has some girly cousins to spend time with. I hope they grow up to be best friends. And I'm really glad I don't have three toddlers, because I am still tired after that visit!

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