Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Philly Tuesday

Today is Philly Tuesday. If you know us, then you know about Philly Tuesdays and you can just skip over this part and look at the pictures. For everyone else - every Tuesday we go into Philly for golf lessons for the big boys and then a short field trip in the afternoon before The Big O gets home. I always take too many pictures. Miss M was excited to go - she loves having breakfast at Ikea while the boys do golf:

And no trip to Ikea would be complete without a little time spent jumping on the beds. And yes indeed, I took her picture instead of grabbing her up and telling her to stop. I am THAT mom.
After golf, we headed to the Academy of Natural Science. We go past the Moore College of Art and Design on the way. I have been wanting to take a picture of these crazy flower pants for the last few weeks, but I am always intimidated by the ultra-cool, crazy-hair art students who are standing outside taking a cigarette break. Not today! Emboldened by my desire to share with all of you, I snapped a quick picture. Because, really, everyone needs to see these - and hey, if you happen to have crazy horse haunches for legs, you might want to get yourself a pair:

The boys posed with the Academy on the Go car:

Miss M played a game of Human Food vs. Parrot Food.

And everyone got some hands on time with the legless lizard.

No trip to Philly is ever complete without a stop at the Logan Square fountain:

Isn't it pretty??!

So, what do you do on Tuesdays?

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  1. I didn't know they had footie pajamas at Target up to size 16!! Very good to know, for those nights when no one is sleeping over and no one will see . . .