Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have a bunch of great stories to share but right now we are in the midst of complete chaos. Utter mayhem. Garbage pail on the head insanity.

I'm unable to think in a straight line. Too many days off from school for the Big O, too much sugar for the big boys, one Slurpee that the diva got her hands on that caused 3 days of unrelenting whining - things are just totally crazy here this week. I am thinking I may lose my mind, and when it happens it will be a welcome break.

Don't worry about the kids tho. They are finding ways to stay entertained.

There's been a lot of unrestrained attitude.

And someone. Ahem. SOMEONE dumped a bucket of water over his friend's head today. In the house. While she was sitting on the couch.

Need I say more? Great Skittles story in the works, thoughts about matchy matchy kids and a few funnies from the Big O coming up soon. I hope.

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