Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wonderful Grammy

This past weekend my mom came to visit. We needed her for a babysitting gig, and then she stayed a few extra days. I remember when I was little, I used to go and stay at my grandmother's house and it was bliss. I would come home and my mom would say to me, "Every time you go there, you come home SPOILED. I am not going to let you keep going if you keep it up!" But of course she let me keep going and of course I got spoiled every single time.

Now it is my mom's turn to spoil her grand kids. I scanned through pictures to share here, and my little diva caught sight of her "Grammy" and let out a deep sigh, infused with all the drama her little two year old heart could muster. "That's my wonderful Grammy." My girl is CRAZY about Grammy. And ya know, I can't argue with her. Since we don't have any extended family nearby to help out, when someone comes along and plays with my kids, does my dishes, folds my towels and wipes down my counters - without me asking - I kinda get stars in my eyes too.

I got so many things done this weekend and it was all guilt free. I didn't have to ask the older kids to watch the little ones. Grammy was there. I didn't have to stop in the middle of hooking up my scanner (that has been sitting untouched since I bought it 6 months ago) - Grammy was there to change the channel, make some lunch, open the bathroom door, and the myriad of other mundane things that sidetrack me every day from the big projects hanging over my head. I got to go out with my hubby on a DATE - Grammy was there! And when we walked out the door for our date, no one cried to see us going. Who needs mom when Grammy is around? Cool beans.

Even the Big O likes her. Well, as much as he likes anyone.

What kid wouldn't love a Grammy who jumps on the trampoline. Even though she has had both hips replaced? This Grammy is cool like that.

I think the real reason my Diva loves Grammy so much is that deep down inside - or maybe not so deep down - Grammy is still a little kid. Aren't we all?

Thanks for a great weekend mom. We all got spoiled.


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