Thursday, January 3, 2013

365/3 Repetition

Day three!  Now that I am in the swing of things (a little) I am going to try to incorporate some of  the themes that were suggested by Capture 365.  Today's theme is REPETITION. 

This brings to mind our morning routine.  Since it is winter, we wake up while it is still dark.  Which I do not love.  It goes something like this:

Wake up before the alarm goes off.
Pretend there is still time to sleep.
Hear Son #2's alarm go off, enjoy the iPod tunes he chooses.
Horrific beeping alarm goes off next to my head. 
Hit the snooze.
Crawl a little further under the blankets for 10 more minutes.
Horrific beeping alarm goes off again. 
Turn it off.
Get out of bed and drag my butt into the shower.
Get dressed, dry hair, shiver a little.
Wake up Mr. O and get him into the bath.
Line the floor with towels before leaving.
Feed the dog & let her out.
Feed the cat.
Drive Son #2 to the bus stop by 7:13.
Come back and get Mr. O out of the bath.
Clean all the water off the floor, because Mr. O. likes to splash. 
Wake up Son #1 to get ready for school.
COFFEE ~ How I do love thee.
Heat up lunch for Mr. O and pack it into his thermos for school.
Wake up Son #1 again - usually 2nd time is the charm.
Start  on vitamins.  Round 1 - capsules in grape juice with straw.
Vitamins Round 2 - crush non-capsules into grape juice.
(these need a syringe)
Vitamins Round 3 - sprays and homeopathic drops
Vitamins Round 4 - patch and creams.
Check the tracking bracelet.
PHEW - vitamins are done.
Heat up coffee in microwave.
Send Son #1 to the car with hubby. 
7:50 and off they go.
Wait for Mr. O's bus. 
7:55 and off he goes.
Heat coffee again in the microwave.
Awake the Kraken ... err... I mean, my daughter.
Get the girl dressed.  Dodge a few kicks.
Give the girl breakfast and pack her lunch.
Comb the girl's hair.  Dodge a few more kicks.
Explain (every day) that it is winter and we MUST wear socks.
Head out to the last bus stop of the morning. 
8:41 and off she goes.
Home and exhausted.
Heat coffee one more time in the microwave.
Drink coffee.  Finally.

Can't wait until 2:30 when they all come home. 


  1. Sounds like Marielle is a little like her Aunt Lauren in the mornings...I remember acting much the same way when it came time for me to get ready for school. My sympathies.

    1. Indeed she is - thankfully I have a lot of practice with this sort of thing ...

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! I LOVE the snapshots of little snippets of everyone's day.