Sunday, January 6, 2013

365/6 Sparkly!

Today the theme is supposed to be "with words" but when I woke up we had a dusting of snow that was already starting to melt and a lot of very sparkly trees outside.  So we are going to have to save "with words" for another day. 

Today is the day I finally figured out how to override the autofocus feature and toggle my focus on my new camera.  After trying to figure it out with just the manual, I tried my trusty friend Mr. Google and it turns out that I am not the only person who had trouble with this one.  Phew, thank you to the person on the Flickr forum who posted the answer. 

Here's my favorite sparkly shot from today:

And here it is cropped in even closer.  I love that the droplet is reflecting everything around it, and that little extra sparkle of sun flare.

Tomorrow is "Movement." 

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